The Giants' Circle®

A transformative experience designed exclusively for extraordinary women like you. Giants' Circle® is more than just a program; it's your personal portal to unparalleled growth and exceptional achievements with an umatched coach!

A transformative experience designed exclusively for extraordinary women like you. Giants' Circle® is more than just a program;

it's your personal portal to unparalleled growth and exceptional achievements with an umatched coach!

Why The Giants' Circle® & Who It's For

With a remarkable legacy spanning two decades, Mia has forged giants from exceptional, brilliant, and gifted women. Her unparalleled track record is a testament to her ability to consistently deliver transformative outcomes, not only for herself but for her esteemed clients as well.

Across the globe, Mia's guidance has ignited the metamorphosis of countless women's lives. She empowers them to leverage their unique brilliance, enabling them to create high-ticket enterprises they are passionate about, all while harmonizing with their life's rhythm.

Crafted step by step by the hands of Mia Redrick, The Giants' Circle® is 1-year-long program that stands as an embodiment of excellence. It is tailored for brilliant, sharp, and intellectually astute women like yourself. This program exists at the highest level of coaching, assuring you that remarkable, game-changing outcomes are not just possible, but inevitable for someone at your level!

Apply Only If You Are...

  • An Exceptional Woman Who Defines Success

You are an extraordinary woman who has walked the path of excellence. You are a trailblazer, a high achiever, you're a proven creator of results, and serving at the highest level is your realm of empowerment. You are armed with a track record of success, and you've already created ripples of impact.

  • A Highly Intellient and Brilliant Woman

You are of a different makeup mentally. You shine brightly and your brilliance is undeniable. You are not just skilled; you are a star. You've led, managed, and transformed. You stand tall with confidence, knowing your abilities can shape destinies. Giant moves aren’t just a catchphrase for you; they’re your anthem. You’ve never hesitated to pivot, innovate, and excel. The path of mediocrity simply isn’t yours – you're destined for the extraordinary.

  • Ready to Elevate Your Legacy

You're not just seeking success; you're determined to thrive. You are tired of playing small and you're ready to unveil your fullest potential, embracing authenticity and innovation. The Giants' Circle® is your invitation to wield your genius, secure in the knowledge that you're not alone.

  • On an Unparalleled Life Journey

You’ve walked paths few dare to tread, achieving milestones that set you apart. You value your uniqueness and authencty. You are ready to go another journey of impact that converges with those of equally remarkable women. You want an uncharted territory that will become a playground for your genius.

  • Get set on Reaching for the Galaxies, not Stars!

Your dreams are galaxies, not mere stars. They've never fit in the confines of the ordinary. You’ve always been the visionary who reaches for constellations. Small isn’t in your vocabulary, and settling is out of the question. Living small feels like a disservice to your boundless aspirations. The status quo is a limitation you won’t accept.

  • Not Just a dreamer, but an Action Taker!

In a world of dreamers, you stand out and do what needs to be done without hesitation! You are an action taker. Your dreams aren’t just ethereal visions; they're blueprints for your journey. You believe in making things happen, not merely waiting for them. You know an opportunity to learn with an accomplished Chief Giant® like Mia Redrick is not just a chance to you; it is a front row seat invitation to conquer. You are ready. In fact, you have ALWAYS been ready!

P.S: Please note that since this is a very high level program for women at their greatest level with excellent results,

not every applicant will be accepted!

What You Get In The Giants' Circle®

Your journey to an elevated existence begins here, by tapping into your highest level of experience and results, Mia will help you bring out the extraordinary within you.

The Giants' Circle® isn't just a program; it's your path to shaping a future of unprecedented prosperity.

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Prepare to be enriched by direct guidance from the visionary mind behind it all—The Chief Giant®, Mia Redrick, also known as The Mom Strategist®. Every week, you'll have the remarkable chance to engage in personal interactions that tap into Mia's expertise, experience, and insights. These sessions are not just about insightful conversation; they are about igniting your journey to extraordinary success.

Exclusive Community Access

You will step into an exclusive community tailored for extraordinary individuals like yourself. Here, you won't just belong; you'll thrive among kindred spirits who are as unstoppable as you are. You'll get to connect with go-getters who mirror your ambition, determination, and drive and forge invaluable connections, exchange insights, and elevate your network within this circle of unstoppable women.

Comprehensive Training & Coaching

Gain access to a comprehensive training and coaching program curated to catalyze your journey to unparalleled success and meticulously designed to empower giants like you to thrive. From packaging your brilliance to mastering high-ticket strategies, every step is structured to streamline your path to extraordinary outcomes. With Mia's guidance, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to craft your legacy!

We've Got an Unmatched Track Record

Real People, Real Results!


Live Empowered institute

"There is a Giant in all of us that just needs some help in being set free.

Mia is that person who helps you

get rid of the rubble so that you

can stand in your fullness."


I Teach Chess

"Starting a business can be so overwhelming but with Mia, I feel

like I paid for the shortcut.

Everything Mia taught me, moved

my business into six figures."


Womanxcel International

"Had I not taken that leap of faith and started coaching with Mia Redrick, I would not have my training course, my training program, nor my proprietary system. Thank you Mia for pushing me to be the Giant that I am."


Solution Savvy Counseling

"I've been a part of The Giants' Circle for 5 weeks. In the second week I had the framework and some of the content. In my third week I got a phone call and was able to sell my product by the following week for $14,000."


FocusWorks Consulting

"Mia really taught me how to stand up for my value. I was able to come out of a deficit. I've almost doubled my revenue in just the first year of working with Mia Redrick and close $150,000, $50,000 and $30,000 contracts."


Producer and Film-maker

"I was so emotional, I am so overwhelmed and excited by everything I am learning. I am so excited about what is coming from working with Mia."

More Success Stories


"I was struggling to sell my course for $297 and then I saw a webinar by Mia Redrick, I signed up there and then. After working with her for just over

a year I am selling that same course for over $5,800."


"I would not be speaking at the White House if it were not for the support and coaching that Mia has provided. Thank you Mia for giving me the confidence to realise I am the obvious choice in my area of expertise."


"Thanks to Mia I have been able to price my services and identify my buyers, I needed to elevate my environment and the Giants' Circle enabled me

to do that, surround myself

with people at my ambition level and above."

Mia has Partnered

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