"I Got My Questions Answered.”

hit 6-figures within 9 weeks applying what I learned at The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Diana, Business Coach & Consulting

“I Learned To Stand In My Value.”

Closed 24K within a few weeks of attending The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Connie, Consultant

“I Applied What I Learned!”

Closed 3 Coaching Contracts After the Event | The Giant Experience

-- Cassandra, Business Coach

"Closed My First Deal.”

Closed my First Contract after Mia's live Giant Experience Training

-- Terri, Consultant

“Learned to Structure My High-Ticket Offer.”

Closed First High-Ticket sale with a retainer contract after The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Kathy, Consultant

“Made My First Sale Within Days”

Closed First Sale Within One Week of attending The Giant Experience Live in Baltimore

-- Sharonda, Life Coach

"Mia answers all your questions and makes sure you've got your plan down”

After the first day, Anita was blown away with the care that Mia takes with you, and the value that you get from your time with her. Anita's expectations were exceeded, and even more so after the second day!

-- Anita, The Good Mom Coach

"I am really learning how to see my value and my worth and become Giant!”

Managing your mindset is a big part of what makes a Giant. Maraliz had that issue and through coaching with Mia Redrick, she was able to overcome these hurdles and understand what she is really worth.

-- Maraliz, Libérate

"Working from anywhere was very inspiring, I was so creative working with my clients!”

Dr. Hilda has just started working from anywhere due to the strategies and systems she has implemented from working with Mia and is already seeing the benefits from the inspiration and creativity the new environment offers!

-- Dr. Hilda, Best-selling Author

"Learned Time-Rich Models Instead of Trading Time.”

Learned how to build her practice one to many insteading of trading time Giant Experience Training

--Baneca, Consultant

“Learned How To Monetize Multiple Degrees”

The monetization models opened Lisa's eyes to leveraging her significant background and education into high-ticket consulting The Giant Experience Master Training

-- Lisa, Divorce Coach

“Applied The Sale Script to Sell High-Ticket”

Is now able to close high-ticket contracts by using Mia's turn-key sales script that she learned from joining the Giant's Circle

-- Evelyn, Celebrity Chef

"Learned How To Close A Six-Figure Contract ”

Closed first six-figure contract within a few weeks of attending the Giant Experience Training

--Stacey, Consultant

“Learned That Monetization Can Happen Quickly”

Closed first high-ticket contracts within days of attending the Giant Experience Master Training

-- Michelle, Coach & Consultant

“Learned to Package My Expertise and Education for High-Ticket”

Discovered the missing pieces to charge high ticket for exceptional services.

-- Rassheedah, Consultant

"I am happy to say I am now selling my product for what it is worth”

Amanda has moved from selling her packages for a low price, to now charging over $7,000 dollars! Without Mia's coaching Amanda would not have been able to believe in abundance in order to sell to her ideal clients.

Amanda, Luxury Travel Consultant

"I've actually tripled my rates, and people are willing to pay the new prices, they see what I am worth!”

Just one week after the event, Yahya has closed $12,500 in contract and cash. By standing in her value, Yahya has managed to close the clients that see her worth and make space for more who see that in her.

Yahya, The Feminine Success Coach

"Discovered What My Product/Service Could Be”

I learned so much from the other women at the Giant Experience Training

--Sheila, Consultant

“Created My First Training Program and Webinar from Scratch”

I created my very own high-ticket system with Mia's mentorship.

-- Heide, Coach & Consultant

“Wanted to Escape The Cycle of Trading Time for Dollars”

As a result of Mia's coaching I have learned how to build a time-rich business.

-- Keena, Consultant

"She Gives You Everything She Has”

Clarity was on point with Mia's Coaching. I know understand what I offer.

--Davina, Consultant

“I Followed Mia's Template Word for Word”

I closed for high-ticket following the step by step system.

-- Reba, Coach

"I Shifted My Thoughts About The Value of My Gifts”

I learned that there is value in who I am now. Knowing that what I have right now is enough

-- Michelle, Consultant