Will You Be My Next Success Story?

See what Mia's clients have been saying about her mentoring with her.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that these will be the results that you will create or imply that every attendee creates the exact same results.  These women did the work applied what they learned and have shared their results with us.


I decided to pitch myself to an organization to do some monthly coaching and consulting and guess what ladies? They said yes! 

I have a contract of $144,000.00 for the year 2021, that's $12,000.00 a month, about double of what I would normally charge. 



I'm so excited to be able to say that because of Mia and being in my head and all the things that she's talked to us about in the giant experience. I was able to just confidently be there and they came to me. I am thrilled. 



It's not even been 24 hours since the conference ended and a client that I'm working with just asked about how she can book a year-long coaching contract and I put a number out there at 15K and that might be four contracts by tonight! I'm blown away!




"I'm forever changed and this is the thing. I didn't just grow as a business person understanding what I had to offer. I grew as a woman this week and it was because there were many awesome women in the room with me."



Since the Giant Experience Master Training, I have gained such confidence! I am able to stand in my value! I am able to overcome my fears and move forward! I now am able to tell people in under 90 seconds, Who I am, what I do, and how I support my clients



What They Say About Mia


"I was trading time for dollars but today, I closed my first deal at $140,000.00 not even 2 weeks after The Giant Experience."

Stacey - Children and Families United


"She really does what she says. She helped me package, price, and position myself as the obvious choice in the market. I've earned over $60,000.00 within months of working with Mia."

Dedra , Nonprofit Expert

"I closed $48,000.00 as my first deal within 3 weeks of being coached by Mia."

Audra, Mindset 
Change Coaching

"I created a $20,000.00 offer and sold it right there, the same weekend of our retreat!"

Yahya, Feminine  Success Coach


"I used to be intimidated to go through the sales process and call leads but thanks to Mia Redrick, I have made over $50,000.00 within 2 days working with her"

Dr. Frederick , Book Coach

"Thanks to Mia, I've made over $24,000.00 using the same script she shares in her programs at The Giant Experience. If you understand ROI, then you understand how valuable not only her teaching is, but the woman herself."

Evelyn - Evelyn Inc.

"I closed $3,000.00 by just following Mia's sales script and advice on how to handle objections. It's that easy!"

Valerie - Book Coach Excel-erator


"From stuck to creating what's possible in less than two weeks. Thanks to Mia and the support of this group."

Aida -  Attorney & Counselor at Law


"Mia has helped me become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author."

Anne - The Gifted Trap


"Mia Redrick is the person who has changed my life. Had I not met her, I wouldn't be able to further my business."

Fareedah - Cyber Security Expert


What is The Giant Experience Master Training

& How It Works

The Giant Experience is a 100% Online Master Training for coaches, consultants, trainers, course creators, speakers and authors that teaches you how to package your knowledge for high-ticket.

Get ready to scale your life and business with this immersive master training. Women leave the Giant Experience Virtual Master Training transformed. They write bestselling books, launch their brands, grow their profitability, monetize with time freedom systems that complement their life, uplevel their prices and core offerings, reignite their marriage, up-level their mindset and more.


1. Get Instant Access To The 10+ Hours Master Training For 7 Days.

2. Attend The Live Q&A Coaching Sessions With Mia Redrick On Zoom.

3. Rewatch, Rewind & Relearn From The Recordings.


During the training, you'll learn the following:

✓ Packaging Your Services At The Highest Level: It is time to abandon old models that do not allow you to serve from your highest level. Learn how to package yourself in ways that will attract the right audience seeking the results you provide. You will learn how to shift your own understanding of what your audience truly desires from you and package what you know.

✓ Price Your Transformation - Step by Step Process: If you are ready to learn elevated ways to charge for your services that create maximum results, this conversation will be a game-changer for you. Gone are the days of trading time for dollars or google searching the market to understand what fees you should charge. I will teach you the exact process that I use to support my clients with standing in their value and building a profitable business that over-delivers without over-giving. It’s time to earn your worth.

✓ Position Yourself As The Obvious Choice: If you want to attract the right audience, then you must know how to market the correct message to the right people. Have you ever considered that less is more? You will learn new ways to get a new audience in front of you immediately without complicated funnels, time-consuming launches, blogs, podcasts, ineffective live-streaming or any of the things you may be doing that are not supporting your business growth.

✓ Finding Buyers in Any Market (Even During COVID)

I’ll show you how to get the right audience asking you how can they work with you. I will share the exact systems I used to build my client base from zero to thousands, it’s simple, it works, and it’s systematic.


"I wanted to thank Mia for teaching me how to package skills for  me TV time"


Deborah -  Mom mentor



 "I got my first paid event by caring enough to invest in myself and implementing. This is only the beginning but I would truly say that it means a lot to invest in yourself " 



"With just 2-days working with Mia, I was fully transformed. I quit making excuses and I was able to step into the opportunities that I once hesitated."

Rachel - Author & Speaker


"Within weeks of working with Mia, I was able to earn more than $20,000.00."

Cynthia -  The Student Success Coach


"Because of  Mia and applying the strategies she taught, I closed my very first contract for $7,500.00 within 3 weeks."

Tamara - Not Your Ordinary Coach


"My working hours for my business is down to 31.5 hours per month and I earn more than I did working for 80 hours a week. All made possible by working with Mia Redrick."

Wendy - International Business Strategist


"Mia gave me the confidence, mindset, and formula on how to grow my business."

Kathy - Diabetes Prevention Specialist


"I was able to create my first premium product and sell it on the same day!"

Cathy - The Green Ambassador


"Mia has pushed me to be GIANT. Within the 1st month of working with her, I was able to launch my first event. She made me own my greatness and to never play small."

Tameika - A Devine Life


"Mia Redrick has shown us how to create a business around the life that we want to live step by step. You just have to follow her because she has already done it!"

Stephanie- Relationship  Rehab Specialist


"Mia is such a giver and she has been very generous about giving information. I was able to elevate my business and see other opportunities beyond what I initially wanted. I was able to create my own coaching program only within months of working with her!"

Dr. Yolanda - Lenzy Dermatology


Before The Giant Experience Master Training...

  • I didn't understand how to hash out the details or the structure or how to present it until the conference. The question and answers daily allowed me to ask you questions and you asked me questions that made me dig deeper.
  • I was coaching for free basically. My first seminars back in 2005 tickets were $25 for a 3-hour seminar that included expensive high-end appetizers. As a contractor over the last 2 years, my coaching was included in my work as a community health worker making $20 an hour.

A direct result that happened since attending the Master Training August 2020

"What changed everything was being in a room full of phenomenal women from different backgrounds. I realized I was the same as everyone else in the room and my vision no longer felt too big for me to accomplish anymore. My mindset grew to match the bigness of what I was trying to accomplish."

Her new Coaching System as a direct result of what she learned from Mia 

  • The One on One system starts at $500 for a  2-hour strategy sessions
  • The classroom system (for school-aged children) range from $2000
  • The community program system is $5500

Before attending The Giant Experience Master Training

  • My biggest problem was in attracting ideal clients and standing in my value. People were telling me how from watching my videos on YouTube it's changing their life and clients telling me I'm asking questions their Therapists haven't asked them but yet, my life wasn't changing as a result of changing others lives.
  • I was operating my business as a hobby, not taking it serious, no boundaries, allowing people to pick my brain but just from observing Mia and how she shows up taught me how to show up as my best self, and value my knowledge and run my business like a business.

A direct result that happened since attending the Master Training in August 2020

"Since the Master Training in August, I am clear on who I serve and how my services solved their problem."

What she is charging now as a direct result of what she learned from Mia

"I was charging $50 for 30 minutes and $60 for 1 hour of my time. Now I'm charging $2500."


Before attending The Giant Experience Master Training

I lacked the confidence to stand in my value in terms of pricing my product. I was unable to give an elevator speech explaining what I am what I do who I am and how I support my clients. I would  give away my services fir free or at a  low ticket rate. I was terrified of trying to sell my services. Although  I am Ivy League educated with 30 years of experience in my field, I did not know how to run a profitable business. I had no clue how to properly market my business or a package my product or find clients. Moreover I was afraid to step out to the world of high ticket products.

A direct result that happened since attending the Master Training in August 2020

Since The Giant Experience Master Training, I have gained such confidence! I am able to stand in my value! I am able to overcome my fears and move forward! I now am able to tell people in under a 90 seconds, Who I am, what I do, and how I support my clients. Practicing that elevator speech every time we were on a call with Mia really helped me to perfect my delivery. 

The conference grew me the most in terms of seeing my value and pricing my product to reflect that value. It taught me to stand tall and negotiate based on a time rich model.

What she is charging now as a direct result of what she learned from Mia

Previously I was charging under $500 dollars for 1/2 day training or $ 300 or less for a healing circle. Often times I would not even try to negotiate.

 Now I'm finalizing a $24,000.00 Contract!. I charge clients for the total solution instead of the a la carte menu of services. I pitch customize packages that are results-driven versus trading time for dollars. I aim to reach companies that can cover high ticket items so that I can continue to give back to the community. 



My life will never be the same because the information, the impact and the positioning that happening for me as a result of the giant conference. You need Mia in your life


Dr. Rassheedah

"I have all of this Talent all of the skill all of this experience, but I wasn't quite clear on how to package that into something that would be successful that could be sustainable and most certainly that could be a high-ticket premium product and that experience was indeed a Master Level conference session with Mia Redrick.  After that session I have been able to put together a high ticket price to item."



"I walked away with technical skills and tactical strategies that I needed to launch my business. I really appreciate the fact that you pull the curtain back and exposed us to so many things that make the biggest difference in launching a company again. Thank you so much. I am so inspired and motivated."




"If you haven't gotten your ticket, if you were on the fence about coming you're missing out. Watching other's Journey along with my journey has been really amazing and uplifting"




"Thank Mia and her team and for everyone that was so kind and helpful and encouraging during this entire week and the friendships that have been created with the ideas and Ambitions for future projects and things that were all working on and helping trying to help one another."



"I've been working with Mia for probably about a little over three years and every time I experienced Mia, it's always a breath of fresh air. I always learn something new and me. Before I started working with Mia I did not have a business. I did not know how to sell a premium."



"You have a way of creating a space where by the time we leave The Giant Experience Master Training it seems as if we've known one another for a lifetime. I wanted to say working with you has redeemed literally 15 years of time for me you changed my life and I am indeed eternally grateful."




"I can tell you that it is the most wonderful Community if you are looking for answers about starting your business. You are looking for answers about leveling up to the next step in your own existing business"



"I was able to create a template based on Mia's model to apply it during my strategy sessions. It feels completely organic! I absolutely recommend this masterclass to anybody that wants to start their business using their talent"



if anybody is out there Who is looking to work with Mia I would say just DO IT. And it's all about mindset. You have to ready to accept things like this and I'm ready for that next level. I'm ready. I'm gonna go get it!



Mia has the ability to elevate your thinking, our thoughts, and conversation so that then we can develop a package that would be attractive to others so that others would want to be part of the work we have been destined to do.


I'm Ready To Invest In Myself
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