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 The Giant Experience Supports Entrepreneurial Women To Build, Launch and Scale


High-Ticket Consulting, Coaching, Course Creation, Training, and Speaking.


Discover how to properly value, package, price, market, and sell your knowledge with a proven system that has supported thousands of women just like you.

It's Mia here. 

I have some questions for you...


Have you ever wondered how to take your background, skills, and knowledge and start working for yourself?


Do you want to know how to build a business based on your skills and experience, but you are not sure where to start?


Do you want to know how to attract customers who can afford your services?


Have you been dreaming about ways to put together a profitable offer?


Or, have you started a business and you find that you are working too hard for the revenue you are earning?


Do you feel that you are leaving money on the table? Do you want to have time freedom to enjoy your success?


I know, and I understand you, that was me 20 years ago.


I was a corporate trainer for a Fortune 100 Company on the fast track to working 40 years. I wanted the flexibility to enjoy my family, financial security, and no worries about being undervalued. So, I started my own business to begin my transformation.


Over the last twenty years, I've successfully coached thousands of women on the above. I transferred my step-by-step methods and processes that have made me multi-millions on to them.


You've seen several of the results that my clients create. My clients have made multi-millions as well implementing my advice.


My sweet spot is teaching the exact steps you need to put in place to start packaging your knowledge as a system.


I take out all the guesswork.


I'll show you how to leverage your expertise and education into a profitable structure and model.


So, you can launch quicker.


I'll teach you my simple sales system so that you can qualify the right buyers and close sales.


 Even if you don't have a list or don't know how to sell.


I'll show you how to stand in your value with your pricing. So you can stop undervaluing and undercharging for your services.


Because we know that is not working.


I'll show you easy ways to market and pitch your big ideas worth $2,500 to $100,000 per client.


Even if you are currently charging hourly or lower than $2,500.

I Want to Invite You to The Giant Experience Master Training



Here is How it Works:

You are going to discover, step by step, how to package, price, position and find buyers simply by leveraging what you already know.


Your training is a powerful 2-step process:

Step 1. Sign up now and start training Today.  You receive instant access to my 10+ hours GIANT Experience Master Training for 45-days where you will learn:

  • How to package your knowledge into one-to-many high-ticket offers

  • How to set your premium prices that value the results you deliver 

  • How to attract clients who can pay premium for your products and services

  • How to find, sell and close only to the right audience with my turnkey sales process

  • How to position your marketing, so your ideal clients come to you 

Step 2. You will select a date to join me for 2 days of LIVE Zoom Accelerated Coaching sessions where you will:

  • Get laser coaching around the process, strategy, systems and mindset to build a profitable business with your knowledge  

  • Learn how to create your offer as a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, or author

  • Learn how to articulate what you do and the value of your results

  • You will learn the models on how to build a time-rich business

  • You get to bring your ideas or business questions and receive immediate feedback

You also get:

  • Implementation and Accountability Workbook Guide will give you a Roadmap. You will create a Record of the Most Important Processes to Put in place In Your Own Business. 

  • Bonus Training that will Support you with Protecting your Intellectual Property.

  • A Revealing Client Panel so you can see real-world guidance in action. 

Plus, you’ll be able to re-watch, and rewind from the recordings.

All for one low investment that will pay for itself many times over once you implement what you learn.


When you sign up, you get immediate access to the training.


You will receive everything in a digital home-study course.



You will also learn:

  • The Exact Steps You Need to Put into Place to Package and Sell Your Knowledge as a System. 

  • How I Supported my client Diana with closing over $144,000 in only Nine weeks. 

  • How to Leverage Your Expertise, Education, and Experience into a Profitable Business. 

  • Learn How to Sell a Product or Service Online and Offline (even if you don't have a product already). 

  • How to Easily Sell Using My Simple Sales System. You will Learn How to Qualify the Right Buyers and Close Sells. 

  • How I Supported My Client Audra with Closing Her First Deal for Over $48,000 in only Three Weeks. 

  • A Deep Dive on How to Create Your High-Ticket Programs or Offers. i.e., Books, Courses, Coaching, Consulting Services, etc. 

  • How to Change your Pricing Model to High-Ticket and STOP Trading Time for Dollars or Creating a Cap on Your Income. 

  • How to Market Easier Using Organic Free and Paid AD Strategies. 

  • I'll Pull Back the Curtain and Show you How To Price Your Services to Value the Results you Provide. 

  • You will Learn My Proven Method and Language that Leaves Your Buyers Asking You for The Sale. 

  • You will witness my exact Sales Scripts in action and the language to sell both online and offline. I'll show you step by step how to sequence your online sales conversions. 

  • How to Sell Your Services Without Complicated Funnels. 

  • Bonus Training that will Support you with Protecting your Intellectual Property. 


Giant Result Stories

I'm Excited to Breakdown My Giant Process To You:



✓  Package Your Services At The Highest Level:

 It is time to abandon old models that do not allow you to serve from your highest level. Learn how to package your knowledge in ways that will attract the right audience. The ones that are seeking the results you provide.


You will learn how to shift your own understanding of what your audience desires from you. You will learn how to lead from the front in your business and organization.



✓  Price Your Transformation - Step by Step Process:

  I know you want to learn elevated ways to charge for your services and create results. I am sure this conversation will be a game-changer for you.


 The days of trading time for dollars or google searching the market to figure out your prices are gone. I will teach you the exact process I use to support my clients with standing in their value. You will start building a profitable business that over-delivers without over-giving. It's time to earn your worth.



✓  Position Yourself As The Obvious Choice: 

If you want to attract the right audience, you must know how to market the right message to the right people. Have you ever considered that less is more?


 You will learn new ways to immediately get a new audience in front of you. You will not need more complicated funnels, time-consuming launches, blogs, podcasts, ineffective live-streaming. Any of the things you may be doing that are not supporting your business growth.



✓ Find Buyers in Any Market (Even During COVID): 

I'll show you how to get the right audience by asking how they can work with you. I will share the exact systems I used to build my client base from zero to thousands. It's simple, it works, and it's systematic.



Will You Be My Next Success Story?

See what my clients have been saying about the master training. 

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that these will be the results that you will create or imply that every attendee creates the exact same results. These women did the work applied what they learned and have shared their results with us.

"I was trading time for dollars but today, I closed my first deal at $140,000.00 not even 2 weeks after The Giant Experience."
- Stacey
"I closed $48,000.00 as my first deal within 3 weeks of being coached by Mia."
- Audra
"I created a $20,000.00 offer and sold it right there, the same weekend of our retreat!"
- Yahya
"I implemented Mia's concept of standing in your value. I am blown away! I was losing money because of my own insecurities. Thank you Mia for been there and for all the things you talked about in The Giant Experience ."
- Betsaida
"I'm forever changed and this is the thing. I didn't just grow as a business person understanding what I had to offer. I grew as a woman this week and it was because there were many awesome women in the room with me."

- Camille
"Thanks to Mia, I've made over $24,000.00 using the same script she shares in her programs at The Giant Experience. If you understand ROI, then you understand how valuable not only her teaching is, but the woman herself."
- Evelyn
"When I started following Mia, I knew she had something I wanted, the ability to run her business from her home, and freedom. I learned how to package my knowledge into a product that delivers amazing results, and to stand in my own value. I highly recommend this product because it was an eye opening experience. I am the product. Mia, Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity."


- Crystal
"Before I attended The Giant Experience Master Training I wasn't sure how I could fit it in this wonderful world of coaching and consulting. I just wasn't sure.   As a result of the class, the first aha moment was that I am enough"



- Deborah
"I've been working with Mia for probably about a little over three years and every time I experienced Mia, it's always a breath of fresh air. I always learn something new and me. Before I started working with Mia I did not have a business. I did not know how to sell a premium."


- Aida

MY PROVEN step-by-step system has already helped thousands of action-taker women.

See if any of this resonates with you:


  • You have a wealth of knowledge, and you have the ability to create results for others. 

  • You have a desire to build, launch, and scale your own business at a high level. 

  • You want to learn from a turnkey process that won't waste your time and money. 

  • You're getting mixed messages and conflicting advice from the "experts." 

  • You don't know how to break free from selling your time and capping your income. 

  • You are READY to build your own successful company and monetize your vast expertise. I know that you have only used it working for someone else up until now. 

  • You want a truthful mentor that has a proven track record of success. A mentor who can show you REAL examples of client success.

Now here’s the thing and this is very important.



What I didn't know 20 years ago when I started was that I am the product.


And you know what?


The same applies to YOU!


YOU are the product.


What you are doing as a professional and the way you do it…


…the expertise you have acquired from your life and work experience…


…in elegant synergy with your own uniqueness…


…is highly marketable when it's properly packaged.


So let's get it done.


An Immersive Training That Will Teach You How To Build A High Ticket Offer


Imagine getting started right now. Over two days, you will learn from the questions you don't even know to ask. The Giant Experience will support your direct implementation.


 I will guide you on how to create your pricing, frameworks, and systems to jumpstart your business.


You will learn how to sell your skills for high-ticket without trading time for dollars.

Meet Action-Taker Women who have done the work

and created results


Listen to the life-changing stories of women who attended the Giant Experience Master Training. Hear how women like you can achieve GIANT results with the right tools and direction!

"I decided to pitch myself to an organization to do monthly coaching and consulting and they said yes. I have a contract valued $144,000.00 for the year 2021, about double of what I would normally charge"

- Diana

"It's not even been 24 hours since the conference ended and a client that I'm working with just asked about how she can book a year-long coaching contract and I put a number out there at 15K and that might be four contracts by tonight! I'm blown away!"
- Michelle
"Before I met Mia Redrick, I knew I was called to do greater things.. it is the how do I move from the I am to where it is I believe I can be. If you're deliberating, wondering, and researching, just stop and let me tell you this is the real deal"
- Patrese
"My life will never be the same because the information, the impact and the positioning that happening for me as a result of the giant conference. You need Mia in your life"


- Mydera
"Mia has the ability to elevate your thinking, our thoughts, and conversation so that then we can develop a package that would be attractive to others so that others would want to be part of the work we have been destined to do.
- Tonya
"I have all of this Talent all of the skill all of this experience, but I wasn't quite clear on how to package that into something that would be successful that could be sustainable and most certainly that could be a high-ticket premium product and that experience was indeed a Master Level conference session with Mia Redrick. After that session I have been able to put together a high ticket price to item."
- Rassheedah
  "Before taking Mia's class, I was overwhelmed, I had a lot of losses this year and felt fear that I wouldn't be able to create the life that I want. As a results of taking Mia's class I gained: clarity, connection, confidence and community"


- Laura

"Before I attended The Giant Experience Master Training I wasn't sure how I could fit it in this wonderful world of coaching and consulting. I just wasn't sure.   As a result of the class, the first aha moment was that I am enough"



- Marie
"I've been working with Mia for probably about a little over three years and every time I experienced Mia, it's always a breath of fresh air. I always learn something new and me. Before I started working with Mia I did not have a business. I did not know how to sell a premium."


- Nikita
"Mia showed me how to do my pricing package, where my ideal luxury client is. If you're thinking about joining her class, please do so. It will change your life!"


 - Amanda
"Since the Giant Experience Master Training, I have gained such confidence! I am able to stand in my value! I am able to overcome my fears and move forward! I now am able to tell people in under 90 seconds, Who I am, what I do, and how I support my clients"
- Connie
"if anybody is out there who is looking to work with Mia I would say just DO IT. And it's all about mindset. You have to ready to accept things like this and I'm ready for that next level. I'm ready. I'm gonna go get it!"
- Latrivia

It’s OK to start getting excited…


 Look, I get it. You've probably seen it all before, and you are smart to be skeptical. 

That's why it's so important for you to read the success stories here, read my bio below, and even re-read this page. 

And once you do, it's time to start imagining a different kind of life.


It's a life where:


Money is no longer a concern.  

You are living your life on YOUR OWN terms. 

You are earning what you are truly worth. 

You are making an impact in the world.



And now that you've imagined it, let's work together to make it a reality.


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She has coached thousands of women around the world. Everything she teaches she has personally accomplished and backs up with PROOF. Mia is a television personality and life-style brand.
She has joined Emmy nominated and winning nationally syndicated shows on Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. Additionally she is a best selling author, in-demand consultant for Fortune 500 companies and top coach to thousands of professional women supporting them with building incredible brands.


Mia is the “real deal” coach who has tons of weekly examples of clients creating, packaging, and selling premium products

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